475 Bale Processor

475 Bale Processor

With the increasing demand from end users for a machine that can process straw, hay, silage or haylage with little or no adjustment for feeding, chopping or bedding, the 475T TC – the first of its kind on the market. Read the rest of this entry »

Flex Wing 600 with GPS

Flex Wing 600 with GPS

The popularity of the Kidd Flex Wing Mulching Mower just keeps growing. In the video shown below, the tractor and machine are position guided and controlled by GPS to tidy up stubbles that have been left for bird cover, before direct drilling. Read the rest of this entry »

Kidd Bale Shredders

The New 330TC Shredder

Kidd has launched a new range of Bale Shredders to compliment the 450 & 850 Bale Shredder range. A new smaller and lighter range of Bale Shredders is now available.

The 330 is the only machine on the market that can be factory built for Shredding or Twin Chopping. Can be converted by a distributor. The shorter chop length can be varied in length. On most other machines it cannot.

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Kidd Farm Machinery bale shredder

Success with the 450TC!

IMPORTER s.r.o are distributors for Kidd Farm Machinery Ltd in the Czech Republic. In addition to selling Post Drivers and Bale Choppers, IMPORTER s.r.o have recently been successful in selling the 450TC Bale Chopper / Shredder. The 450TC will shred bales for bedding in barn cattle un-chopped or chop straw short for cubical bedding or as part of a feed ration for vertical or horizontal mixers. The 450TC will also distribute silage for feed.

Watch the video here!

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450 TC will shred straw unchopped for animal bedding or at the touch of switch chop straw short for inclusion into a feed ration or for cubical bedding

New blade for the 450TC Bale Shredder

Our wide bodied Bale Shredders give greater carrying capacity and the larger diameter flywheel will feed silage to the side of the machine or throw straw 25 meters.

We now have the 450TC for shredding straw unchopped for bedding in barn stock, or at the touch of a switch select the short chop setting for cubicle bedding or inclusion in a mixed animal feed ration.