Kidd adds wider cutting width to Mulching Mower Range

Kidd very successfully launched the 3 meter cut Mulching Mower earlier this year. Now the 3.15 meter (10ft 3in) cut is available. The mulching mowers will chop up grass and field crop residues and evenly spread the mulched material across the cutting width.

Product features are as follows: –

  1. mulchingOverlapping rotors, not timed
  2. Takes less power than a flail
  3. Less expensive to buy and run than a flail
  4. Double skin deck
  5. Rear puncture proof wheels or solid wheels or roller option, front and rear
  6. Front or rear tractor mount
  7. 5 cutting blade options to cut tall material or leave a mown finish to parkland areas
  8. Floating 3-point mounting

Watch the Kidd 335 introduction here: