About Kidd

Post DriversKidd Farm Machinery was founded in 1958 by Archie Kidd and has continuously designed and produced Agricultural Machinery. Today in addition to the Agricultural Machinery market sector, Kidd manufactures for the Automotive and Municipal sectors.

In addition to a strong distribution base in the UK we exports directly to 25 Countries which accounts for 40% of sales.

From its concept Kidd has always designed and developed products that have met market needs. Today, product development is the strongest it has ever been and new product is regularly introduced. Feedback from customers always has been and still is very welcome.

Kidd Farm Machinery has a well skilled and stable workforce. Companies are made of people and the people at Kidd Farm Machinery embrace change in production method and when new products are introduced into the manufacturing facility.

Suppliers also help with good practical and technical support, essential for any product development and manufacturing programme. Deliveries of bespoke manufactured parts on time and even standard parts all help.