Float Wing Mulching Mower

Float Wing Folding Mulching Mower

We have often been asked for a wider cut mower, for large grassland areas that will also chop cultivated field residues for soil incorporation.

The Float Wing is designed to pulverise field residues as a flail mower and cut grassland areas cleanly as a mower to promote new growth. Wide cutting widths present engineering problems primarily in transport and the ability to follow ground contours accurately.

The Kidd Float Wing is different, in that high speed horizontal knives cut the material and impel the cut material up into a further set of knives that pulverise the residue into small pieces. The cut material is then evenly spread behind the Float Wing in the same density as it had been growing. All cut widths are mounted and can be used in front or behind the tractor. For transport the wings fold upward and no cut width has a transport width greater than 2.90M (9ft 4in).

Float Wing Mulching Mower. Cutting Widths 4.30M (14ft), 6.00M (19ft 6in), 7.70M (25ft) Transport Width 2.9M (9ft 4in)